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Best Chicken Biryani in Delhi | Taufeeq Ki Biryani – HighInTown

Best Chicken Biryani in Delhi | Taufeeq Ki Biryani – HighInTown

Saying that Delhi loves Biryani is that expressive because it lives in the soul of Delhiites. This city has a lot of Biryani shops and there are quite popular varieties of it also like Hyderabadi, Muradabadi, Lucknawi and many more it all comes down to the point that where do you find the best biryani or more precisely, the Best Chicken Biryani in Delhi. So, to know everything about it, let us take you to that area of Delhi where there’s food everywhere.

Old Delhi (Dilli-6) undoubtedly got some of the most delicious and traditional non-vegetarian eateries. Between those crowded and rushing lanes, there are more than hundreds of restaurants, shops, and stall vendors offering an enormous variety of food. With the delightful aroma of kebabs, glances of Chicken Biryani, and the sound of frying Chicken makes this place a paradise for all the Non-Veg loving people.

People often only visit those eateries which are situated on the main lane of this market and leave the shops which are on the inner side. This is the main reason that Al-Jawahar and Kareem’s get the most number of visitors and few hidden gems left unexplored by the regular people.
It is very difficult to stay focused on one dish if you’re wandering around Jama Masjid because you’ll see food everywhere and in between this we got you something very unique and famous.

Best Chicken Biryani in Delhi | Taufeeq Biryani | HighInTown

Dil Pasand Biryani Point’ best known as ‘Taufeeq Ki Biryani’ in the area and around Jama Masjid is that place where you can get the Best Chicken Biryani In Delhi

It is a small outlet that lies in a congested gali of Chitli Qabar in Jama Masjid. It is really a task to reach there. You have to take a long walk in the streets to reach there but the result will definitely a delight because you can have the best biryani in Delhi at that place. Consider Google Maps as your best friend when you are going to Taufeeq’s for the first time.

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You can easily identify this place by a large red coloured banner hanging just about the shop and it is always packed with people enjoying their Biryani. They do not have a proper kitchen to cook inside the shop, so they prepare it in another place and then carry the containers that are called ‘Degs’ back to the shop.

The biryani here tastes totally different than the rest of the places in Delhi. They use small to medium pieces of chicken and marinate it for at least 8 hours in their secret spices and they cook it on the low flame which makes the chicken tender, moist and flavourful. After preparing the chicken they mix it with there selected almost-cooked rice, the same rice they have been using for many years, and then leave it on Dum. This process completely cooks the biryani and add the unmatchable flavour of chicken in the rice.

The biryani is a little oily but it gives a flavourful ride to your mouth. They also keep a big container of Dhaniya Raita which is made from filtered Indian curd mixed with spices, cilantro, and mint leaves. It tastes amazing when you have it with a plate of the Best Chicken Biryani in Delhi.
They also have Buffalo Biryani which tastes equally delicious but that requires a separate elaborative article.

HighInTown strongly recommends this place if you’re looking for the Best Biryani in Delhi. It is worth the travel and money and you will become a fan of this place and its Biryani.
Whenever you visit this, take a picture, upload it in your Instagram story, and tag us ( @highintown ). We would love to check your pictures out and yes obviously it is one of our favorite spots, so we don’t want to miss any chance to have a look at the delicious Biryani.


Price (On March 2020) ₹180 Per kg.
Address 735, Haveli Azam Khan, Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid, Delhi  6
Phone +91 98995 67078

HIT TIP: Also try the famous Shahi Tukda from The Cool Point, Jama Masjid after having the Biryani from here.


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