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Delhi NCR Might Witness an Earthquake of High Magnitude Soon – HighInTown

Delhi NCR has witnessed over 11 Earthquakes of medium magnitude in the last 2 months. The region has been warned by scientists that it might witness an Earthquake of a high magnitude of around 8.5 soon sometime in the future.

The earthquake is being expected from the central foothills of Himalaya and apart from the central Himalaya region, Delhi, Haryana, and UP might witness this. There is no predicted date or month as scientists have come to this conclusion by observing the 64 tremors in the last 2 years, none of them had high magnitude.

As per the scientists, this region had remained seismically quiet for 600-700 years, creating an “enormous stacking up of seismic strain” which would result in an earthquake of 8.5 magnitudes. The department of Applied Geophysics and Seismology of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad also gave similar conclusions, “Recurrent tremors of small magnitudes indicate a bigger earthquake”.

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As per P. K. Khan who is a professor at IIT Dhanbad’s Geophysics department, these multiple earthquakes with smaller magnitudes are a sign of an earthquake of a high magnitude because of the accumulation of strain energy in the region. Delhi lies in the ‘seismic zone 4’ with a higher risk of earthquakes with around 95% of buildings have been found not following the guidelines for the same. The area specifically around the ‘Yamuna River’ is at a higher risk because of the thickness in the soil, and the regions across the Ganga river are always at risk from these high magnitude Earthquakes.

Recently, there were a variety of memes and pictures going viral over the internet related to earthquakes and 2020.

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